What's new? - May 15th, 2024

From our HubSpot integration, email quality improved for better deliverability rates to new registers – get ready to streamline your list building, enrichment, and sales prospecting processes.

HubSpot integration

Integrate your Firmable account with HubSpot to streamline data processes and improve efficiency. With this integration, you can discover new companies and contacts to target in Firmable and push these records direct to HubSpot – so you can spend more time selling and less time searching or dealing with spreadsheets. You can also enrich your database with the most up-to-date information from Firmable, including firmographics, technographics, mobiles, and more.

If you are already using our HubSpot integration, we have included a few upgrades for you. You can now edit your fields, ensuring that the enrichment process flows seamlessly between Firmable and HubSpot while maintaining accuracy and consistency in your records. You can also track any updates to the data you have already enriched, and get access to the history of all users, company, and contact field.

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Email quality improved for higher deliverability rates

We know how important it is for you and your business to be confident that your emails will get delivered, so that’s why we have been working hard to implement a multi-step email verification process to ensure we have the best quality contact information available. We’ve cleared out invalid emails from the platform, categorised valid emails that you can filter on, and implemented an ongoing process to continuously cleanse and build on our email database.

As part of this, we’ve released a new filter called Email deliverability (People) that allows you to filter all our people results by likelihood the email is accurate and will be delivered. The categories are:

  • Highly likely: Emails that are highly reliable and have a high probability of successful delivery.
  • Likely: While these emails have a good chance of being deliverable, there might be a slightly higher chance they’re not delivered compared to those categorised as Highly likely.

Any other emails remaining have been through our multi-step validation process but may or may not have a high chance of deliverability.

Learn more about the new email deliverability filters.

Get tips on how to reduce email bounces.


New education registers

We keep adding to our list of custom registers! In case you don’t know what registers are, they are pre-curated lists found in the filters section when doing your searches. They’re unique Australian data sets that you can get to with one click of a button, that you won’t find in any other database platform such as the international providers like ZoomInfo or Lusha. 

We have recently included registers on Independent Schools, Public Schools and Catholic Schools in Australia.

Exclude previously downloaded records from new downloads

When downloading records from Firmable, we have now included the option to exclude previously downloaded records. You just have to click on the checkbox and any company or contact you have already downloaded won't be included in the exported list.


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