How to connect the HubSpot Integration

Learn how to integrate your Firmable account with your HubSpot account for contact and company imports

Below is a step-by-step guide detailing the process of installing the HubSpot Integration including setup prerequisites, setup steps, and property mapping processes.


Before initiating the integration, ensure the following:
  • You are on a Teams or Teams Pro plan with Firmable. 
  • You have the Admin role permission on Firmable and the Super Admin role in HubSpot.
  • Your email address is the same for both your HubSpot and Firmable user accounts. 

Note: If your company has multiple Admins, the app only needs to be installed once by one Admin. All other Admins and users can subsequently use it.

Integration setup

Account setup

  • Log in into your Firmable account to begin your installation process.
  • Click on Manage account in the top right corner.

  • In the secondary menu, click on Integrations.

  • Locate the HubSpot integration. Click on Connect to HubSpot.

  • Choose the HubSpot account you wish to connect with Firmable and click Choose account.

  • Provide your Firmable login credentials if prompted (Note: it may not if you’re already signed in to an active session).
  • You’ll be provided with a summary of the access the Firmable HubSpot Integration needs from your HubSpot account. This allows us to enrich records you choose to update data values for. Review and click Connect app.
  • Now your HubSpot Integration will be connected to your Firmable account.

Mapping company properties

  • Next step is to review a list of HubSpot company properties (fields) mapped to corresponding Firmable company properties (fields). Under Integrations, click on HubSpot.

  • Change the pre-selected Firmable properties to connect your HubSpot properties to via the corresponding Firmable company field dropdown.

  • Once you’ve reviewed all the properties you want to connect, select the Sync rule for each property that will apply whenever a user chooses to enrich a company record. The three options are:
    • When blank use Firmable. This means if there is currently no value in the field for a record, Firmable data will be populated when enriched. This is the most commonly used sync rule. Note: This option works only for Enrich.
    • Override from Firmable. This means regardless of whether there is or isn’t a value in the field for a record, Firmable data will override it when enriched. Note: Be wary of using this as it will override existing data you have populated in HubSpot for that field.
    • Don’t sync. You can also choose not to sync the property at all.

Note: The When blank use Firmable sync rule option is currently unavailable and will be included in future versions.

  • Click Update when done.

Mapping contact properties

  • Click on Contact field mappings and review the list of HubSpot contact properties (fields) mapped to corresponding Firmable contact properties (fields).
  • Complete the same steps as described under Mapping company properties above in the previous step including mapping of properties and choosing sync rules.
  • Click Update when done.

  • Your HubSpot Integration is now set up and ready for use.


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