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Understanding filters

Learn how to navigate Firmable's advanced filtering systems for enhanced search results

Below is a comprehensive overview of filtering options across company, people, next-gen, and local registers. Tailor your searches effortlessly by utilizing a variety of parameters such as industry, location, seniority, skills, and more, ensuring precision and efficiency in your quest for relevant information.

Company filters

  • Name (Company): Enter the name of the company you're searching for in the search bar.
  • Industry: Select from the dropdown or enter the industry type to filter companies by their operating sectors.
  • Location (Company): Choose or input a geographical location to search for companies based in a specific area.
  • Keywords: Use specific keywords related to the company for a more refined search.
  • Employee Count (AU): Select the range of employee count to filter companies based on the size of their workforce.
  • Revenue: Input or select the revenue range to filter companies by their financial size.
  • Type: Choose the type of company (such as private, public, or subsidiary) to filter your search accordingly.

People filters

  • Name (People): Enter the full name or a part of the name of the person you are looking for.
  • Job Title: Input the job title to find people who hold specific positions in their companies.
  • Seniority: Filter your search by the level of seniority, such as manager, director, C-level, etc.
  • Department: Enter or select a department to find people who work in specific departments within companies.
  • Phone Available (People): Check this box to filter for individuals whose phone numbers are available.
  • Mobile Available (People): Use this to find people with available mobile numbers.
  • Email Available (People): Filter for individuals who have an email address available.
  • Verified Email (People): To ensure the accuracy of your contact, you can filter for individuals with verified email addresses.
  • Personal Email: This filter allows you to search for people who have provided a personal email address.
  • Exclude DNC Numbers: Check this option if you want to exclude individuals on the 'Do Not Call' registry.
  • Skills: Use this filter to search for people with specific skill sets.
  • Time in Current Role: Use this filter to find individuals based on the duration they've been in their current job role.
  • Gender (Inferred): If you need to search based on gender, this filter allows you to select individuals based on the inferred gender information.

Next Gen filters

  • Reviews and Ratings: Filter by customer or employee reviews and ratings.
  • Social Media: Search for company or people profiles based on their social media presence or activity.
  • Technographics: Filter companies or people based on their use of certain technologies.
  • Web Traffic: Search based on the web traffic data of company websites.

Local Registers filters

  • Company Registers: This filter allows you to search for companies that are registered locally.
  • People Registers: Use this to find individuals who are listed in local registries.