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How to use company and people filters

Learn how to apply filters to your search

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to effectively use filters.

To begin using filters, go to the search page and click on the Search button at the top. On the left side, you'll find filters to refine your search. You can choose from a variety of filters organized into four categories: Company Filters, People Filters, Next Gen Filters, and Local Registers Filters. For more information on the different filters available, refer to the article Understanding Filters.

Logical operators

  • Use AND to narrow down your search, ensuring all selected criteria must be met.
  • Use OR to broaden your search, allowing any selected criteria to be met.

Search for an industry

    • Click on Industry.
    • Pick industries. For example: 'Building Materials' and 'Construction'.
    • Apply AND to find companies that are involved in both industries.
    • Apply OR to find companies in either of the industries.

Choose a location

      • Click on Location (Company).
      • Select the desired location, such as 'Victoria'.
      • Use AND to narrow the search to companies that are associated with all selected locations.
      • Use OR to expand the search to include companies associated with any of the selected locations. 

Filter by keywords

  • Initiate a keyword-based search to pinpoint companies associated with specific terms relevant to your criteria. This is useful for narrower and more refined results.
  • Click on Keywords to access the keyword filter.
  • Input your specific keyword(s) and add criteria to your search results. For example: The keyword 'civil', to identify companies operating in specialised industries related to civil businesses.
  • Utilise AND to narrow down results, ensuring companies match all selected keywords.
  • Use OR to broaden the search, including companies associated with any of the selected keywords.

Select company type

    • Click on Type under the Company section.
    • Choose from options like Individual/Sole Trader, Partnership, or Private Company.
    • To combine filters with AND, select multiple types that must all be true for a company to show up (e.g., a company must be both a 'Private Company' AND 'Partnership').
    • To combine filters with OR, select multiple types where any can be true for a company to show up (e.g., a company can be either a 'Private Company' OR 'Partnership').

Determine revenue

      • Click on Revenue.
      • Select the desired revenue range (e.g., '> $1B').
      • If you choose multiple revenue ranges, use AND to find companies that match all selected revenue criteria or OR for companies that match any of the criteria.

Add more filters

      • If needed, click on Add more filters for additional criteria.
      • You can further refine the search by adding more specific filters like 'Employee Count', 'Keywords', etc.

Save or clear filters

    • Once you are satisfied with the filter settings, you can choose to Save for future searches or Clear All to remove all filters and start a new search.

Remember, AND makes your search more specific by requiring companies to match all the selected criteria, while OR makes it less specific by allowing any of the selected criteria to match. These logical operators are used to combine multiple search conditions.

Filter down your targeted prospects

When you use the company filters, the People tab shows all the people that are associated with those companies. You can use the people filters to then narrow down the prospects. 

Using job title filter

    • Input job title: You can type in a job title, like 'manager', to filter the search results.
    • If you select Contains "manager", the search is looking for any title that contains the word "manager.
    • You can also select from any of the specific job titles that are listed in the search panel. Selecting one or a few of them narrows the search to those specific job titles.

Apply logical operators

    • AND: Use this operator if you want to combine the job title with another condition. For example, you could filter for people who are 'manager' AND 'finance' to find finance managers.
    • OR: Use this operator to expand the search to include people with any of the job titles you input. For example, searching for 'manager' OR 'supervisor' will give you a list of people who are either managers or supervisors.

Using seniority filter

  • Select seniority level: You can select from various seniority levels such as Owner/Founder, C-Suite/Partner, or Manager.
  • Apply logical operators:
    • AND: If you have multiple conditions that must all be true for the search (not typically applicable for exclusive seniority levels, as a person cannot be both a 'Manager' AND a 'C-Suite/Partner').
    • OR: Use this to include individuals who meet any one of the selected seniority levels. For instance, selecting Owner/Founder OR C-Suite/Partner will show individuals who are either company founders or part of the executive team.

Example of a search:

Let's say you want to find all individuals who are either owners or high-level executives within the construction industry. You would:

  • Go to the seniority filter and select Owner/Founder and C-Suite/Partner.
  • Apply the OR logical operator to ensure the search includes any individual who is either an owner or a C-suite executive.
  • Press Done or a similar action button to perform the search.

The search results will display individuals whose job titles or seniority levels match the criteria you've set, allowing you to target your outreach or analysis more effectively.