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How to manage your payments and billing

Learn how to review and manage your payment options

Below is an overview of the various options for managing your payment and billing preferences. We will walk you through the process of managing your payment methods, selecting different methods, or canceling them.

    • To access your Payment details go to Manage account and click on Payments and billing

    • In the Payments and billing section, you can review your payment details, including:
      • Payment method: verify your existing payment method, such as a saved credit card or bank account.
      • Upcoming Invoice: access information about your next invoice, including the due date and total amount.
      • Invoice History: review your past payments, with information on payment dates, amounts in AUD, the products you purchased, and their current statuses (e.g., 'Paid' or 'Open').

    • For each invoice listed, you have the option to:
      • View detailed invoice and payment information in Invoice history.
      • You can download a PDF file of the invoice or receipt using the download link.

    • To modify your payment method:
      • Go to Payment details and click on Modify / Cancel
      • If you want to add a new payment method, select + Add payment method, enter the details of the new payment method and save the new method for future transactions.

    • If you want to cancel your payment method, select Modify/Cancel on the Payment details section and cancel future automatic debits or manual payments.

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