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How to filter by people location

Find people by their own location, even if it’s different to their company location

Below is an overview of how to filter by people location. This allows you to differentiate between the company's location and the individual's location, as the company's HQ might be in one city while the person works in an office in another city.

How to use the People location filter

  • Go to Search page and click on the filter on the left side panel under people filters.
  • To better understand how to use this filter, let’s look at an example. You can search for people from a specific company, e.g., Commonwealth Bank, who work in Sales in Victoria, even though the HQ of Commonwealth Bank is in NSW.

Note: This filter is based on LinkedIn location. When a user selects a location labeled "Greater" (e.g., Greater Melbourne, Greater Sydney), it will be mapped to the corresponding main city (e.g., Melbourne, Sydney).

Where to find the People location filter

This information it's available in people's profile from:

  • The full view:
  • The Quick view:

We hope you found this article useful and has helped you understand the difference between Company location and People location, and when to use each filter.

If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to contact us at support@firmable.com.

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