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How to create and manage lists

Learn how to organise and categorise your searches by using lists

Below is an overview of the benefits of using lists and how to create them. Lists enable you to group related entities and access them whenever needed. Whether you're creating a list of potential business partners, tracking competitors, or compiling contacts for a project, the lists offers a centralised and organised way to manage your saved entities.

Creating a list

From the search results page

  • Apply your desired filters in the Filters section.
  • Select the Companies or People you want to add by checking the boxes next to their names. At the top left you can choose Select this page or Select all results.
  • Click on the Add to list option.

  • In the popup box, you can select an existing list or type in the name of your new list and press Enter.

From the lists page

  • In the Manage lists section, click on the Create new button.

  • You can create New Lists as private or as shared, visible to all members of your Firmable organisation. If you create a new list from the search results page, it will be shared, accessible to everyone in your organization.
  • You can change the list to private through the Manage lists section.

  • If you want to start with a private list, first create a private list in the Manage lists section and then add companies or people to it.

Adding companies or people to a list

  • Click the + button on the right-hand corner of the company/person you wish to add to the list. For multiple entries, check the boxes by the left. You can create a new list or add to any existing one.

Managing existing lists

  • Go to the Home Page and click Manage Lists on the List panel. 

  • The list page will show two tabs: Shared lists can be viewed by all permitted company members, and Private lists are viewable only by you.
  • Your List page will open with your existing lists on the panel on the left-hand side. 
  • Click on the three dots next to the name of the panel and choose from options such as Make it private, Add company, Add people, Rename the list, or Delete the list.