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How to use quick lookup

Learn how to access a person or a company using the quick lookup bar

Below is an overview of how to access and use the Quick Lookup bar to retrieve information about companies or people.

The Quick Lookup feature can be located on two places:

  • Home page:

  • Both on the navigation bar on the Search and List pages:

How to search for a company

  • To initiate a company search, click on the Companies tab. Enter the company name, domain, ABN, or postcode in the search bar. For example, if you want information on BHP Group, search for "BHP," "bhp.com," or "49004028077."

  • After finding the company, you can navigate directly to their website or LinkedIn page. Additionally, you can add it to a list by clicking the + sign.

  • For more comprehensive details, click on the company name to view a Quick profile or click View full profile to access all available information on the registers.

How to search for a person

  • To search for a person, switch to the People tab within the Quick lookup window.
  • Enter the person's name, email, or @email domain to conduct the search.